If you hear the word bullying, you will know that there is nothing positive about it. Bullying happens all over the world in every second of every day and it can really be a bad factor for growth. Stress, depression, and every form of mental and even physical health will be affected. For the bullies, even if it’s just a little comment like “oh your clothes are ugly” will take a toll on the person’s mind. They will start to form a mentality where they are never enough and they have to be perfect in the eyes of everyone so they will try to change things that doesn’t even have to be changed. They will put on a different mask towards everyone and try to be something they are not, just to be looked as “not weird”

Nowadays, schools and other social platforms had been doing whatever they can to repress and decrease the bullying because they fear of what will happen to the future. But even if all those seminars and anti-bullying programs, it all has to start from the family and primary introduction to the world. So parents, friends and everybody around us even at the earliest stages will give an impact to someone’s personality. A broken home, very strict parents, very loose parents, everything will have a positive and negative impact.

Kids that are quiet are most picked on at schools because the bullies looks at them as an easy target. Even if their excuses are “just for fun”, it’s not fun for the victim. It’s never fun. If you see the news, school shootings happen. Why? Most of the shooters are kids that have been bullied and given intense pressure in school which resulted in them not loving themselves, and not caring about anybody else. Hate starts forming inside of them which resulted in them doing negative things.

My advice to this generation is to just stop bullying. Stop thinking that people who are different are weird or “not worthy” to be friends with you. If you see bullying, stop it in any way you can. Even if the bullies are bigger and tougher than you, stand up for yourself. Be brave. Tell your teachers, parents, friends, and speak out about your problem because it’s nothing to be ashamed of. If you speak out and be brave about your issues, you are worthy to be called the bravest person in the world and you can be a great example to other people that are being bullied and think lowly of themselves.

SMA SKK 3 (-Gaby Immanuel-XII IPS 1)

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